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Class Information

All classes include asana practice, yoga philosophy, and relaxation. You will get maximum benefit and save money if you register for the full session. Classes in a series build on one another.

THE YOGA FOR STUDENTS OVER 50 is appropriate for those new to yoga as well as continuing students at a yoga 1-2 level. The class is open to anyone who wants a slower paced class, adults of any age are welcome.

The INTERMEDIATE CLASS is at a yoga 2-3 level and builds on the beginning classes. The class moves faster and more advanced poses are added. Please contact Dr. Bortz before registering if you have any questions about which class is appropriate for you.

LOCATION:Classes are at the Saratoga Prospect Center in the Friendship Hall located at 19248 Prospect Rd, Saratoga CA. 

YOGA PROPS:Each student will need a yoga mat, firm throw sized blanket, 10 foot yoga strap with a buckle, and two foam blocks, see yoga props.

FEES:Series fees are dependent on number of classes in the series. 

$15/class plus $10 administrative fee. 




Schedule of Classes


Current Classes

YOGA FOR STUDENTS OVER AGE 50 (Level 1-2) Friday Morning 10:30AM-12Noon 

Winter 2020: From Jan 10-March 27. 12 classes. $190.00

Spring 2020: From April 10-May 29.  8 classes. $130.00


INTERMEDIATE YOGA (Level 2-3) Thursday Evening 7PM-8:30PM 

Winter 2020: From Jan 9-March 26.  12 classes.  $190.00  

Spring 2020: From April 9-May 28.  8 classes.  $130.00                               












You must register for classes directly with the Los Gatos Saratoga Recreation department. See  "Contact Us."

Please follow the registration information on their web site.  You can register on-line, by phone, or in person.

Yoga Props

In the Iyengar tradition props, such as blocks, straps, chairs, bolsters, blankets are used to help students move into correct alignment in poses. Each student is required to provide a yoga mat, two foam blocks, a 10 foot yoga strap with a buckle, and a firm cotton or wool throw size blanket. These props are available through Dr. Bortz,(go to Yoga Props page) or you may buy them at sporting goods stores, or yoga supply companies.