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Yoga Props

List of Required Yoga Props

Below is a list of props required for the class and their descriptions. You may order props from Dr. Bortz, who has selected excellent products at discounted prices or may obtain your own. Mats, blocks, and straps are purple. Blankets are a variety of colors.

Long Life German-made sticky mat
machine washable, 69 inches long
Price: $30.00

Two Duralite foam blocks
3x9x6 inches, light and durable
Price: $12.00(one) or $24.00(two)

10-foot cotton strap with cinch buckle
Price: $12.00

Cotton Mexican blanket 60 by 80 inches
Firm, well made
Price: $22.00

All you need package
Mat, blanket, two blocks, and strap
Price: $80.00

Basic package(no blanket)
Mat, two blocks, and strap
Price: $60.00

All prices include 8.25% California Sales Tax.








What Are Yoga Props?

In the Iyengar yoga tradition props such as block, straps, chairs, bolsters, blankets are used to support the student in correct alignment.

Special order props are available
in various colors.

Extra-long Long life German made sticky mat
74 inches long
Price: $40.00

Regular Bolster
Used in restorative yoga and meditation to support the body
Price: $60.00

Sand Bag
Used to weight body in poses
Price: $20.00

Eye Bags
Used for restorative yoga and relaxation to shut out light and gently relax the eyes
Price: $12.00